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We started to manufacture diaphragms in 1990 and entered the international market in 2007. When we first entered the international market (the picture on the left is the picture of our website before 2012). At that time, we thought our products had done very well. Therefore, we introduced ourselves in “ABOUT US” and wrote a lot of beautiful words such as profession, leading industry and so on. However, after contacting foreign guests for 5 years, I found that there are still many things that we need to improve. Then we closed our website and did not accept new orders from New customer. We bega
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n to devote ourselves to the technology of diaphragm, overcome some difficult products. Now we re-open the site to accept customers, you will get a better product.
“We are a factory with 15 years of experience in diaphragm production,” which I said in previous years.But now I want to say that We are researchers on the diaphragm field, and we still have a lot to go.Add:RM2006 Cross-border e-commerce Park Xinyuan Road Li’an Hangzhou 311300 ChinaTelephone: 86-571-81899556FAX:E-mail: huhubox@gmail.com
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